Album Review SUICIDE WATCH Global Warning

Suicide Watch cover art

SUICIDE WATCH “Global Warning”

Marquee Records

Fast, holocaustic and deadly. These are the first words coming to my mind after I heard this piece of thrash metal. Originally released under the label Mausoleum Records in 2005, this is supposed to be a debut album of the band, and it really worth because of high quality of compositions and truly hardcore attitude.

The band is from Gloucestershire UK, and they know that it’s not important enrich the genre once more with strange elements. This is a purest form of thrash metal and crossover with old school vibes and the result recovers the best of the sound of big names like Exodus, Dark Angel, Nuclear Assault, Whiplash, Megadeth, etc. The band really knows what they’re doing with high doses of aggressiveness and fury. Tracks like “Inexorable” are definitely a fucking massacre in terms of fast thrash metal, and I admit that the band has good taste and big balls. Of course, there are some details to improve in this album, and I hope will fix them all in last albums, under the new label. This is highly recommended for those who truly worship thrash metal genre, no matter which year. As extra info, the cover art was drawn by Ed Repka. – Victor Varas

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