Album Review COLD RAVEN Equilibrium and Chaos

Cold Raven cover art

COLD RAVEN “Equilibrium and Chaos”

Sliptrick Records

This is a good debut album, it’s a black metal forged opus in cold atmospheres and painful guitar riffs. Coming from Lombardy, Italy, these guys seem to have huge experience in music business, actually features Vuall, an ex guitarist of Drown in blood.

The band created excellent tracks based in sulphuric guitar lines and excellent musical arrangements. I must admit that the band sounds melodic, but don’t expect Walt Disney here! Each song has a particular vibe and it really denotes musical high skills. Also, they add a good dose of technical stuff and modern arrangements, and these give a particular personality to the album. If you ask me, what it called most my attention are those “epic” lines covered in aggressiveness in specific moments, like in track “Equilibrium and Chaos”. This is neither chaotic nor primitive black metal style, although the band has roots on it. This is a well-conceived black metal album that must be a prelude for what is coming next. It’s recommended for those who are looking for well produced black metal in Europe. – Victor Varas

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