Album Review ECTOVOID Dark Abstraction

Ectovoid cover art

ECTOVOID “Dark Abstraction”

Hellthrasher Productions

On my first encounter with this band I’m pretty impressed, as I hear a very well balanced death metal band with technical elements, obscured atmospheres and hyper-possessed vocal lines.

It seems like these American guys are fans of ancient entities like Morbid Angel, Incantation, and Deicide. Actually, all tracks have reminiscences of old school sounds from the 90’s, but they added some brutal elements and it definitely forged a quite interesting hybrid of death metal. Of course the band have influences from many sources, but they know that the genre must remain almost intact for these old skulls out there, and so, these musicians made a great work with good taste and class, if you know what I mean. Also, I must admit that it’s amazing what three motherfuckers can do with axes like weapons and bad blood. This is the second opus for the trio formed in Alabama, and you should check them out if you worship ominous death metal lines, chaotic structures forged in morbidity and well-conceived guttural vocals. A new generation of death metallers is coming and those old skulls should wake up from the graveyard now! – Victor Varas

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