Album Review PROFANATOR Mvtter Vicivm

Profanator MV cover art

PROFANATOR “Mvtter Vicivm”

Chaos Records

What a piece of extremely violent thrash metal I have here!!! If the name Antimo Buonanno sounds familiar to you, this band will do too. But don’t confuse, Antimo left Disgorge (Mexico) many years ago and now he focuses on many musical projects and bands.

This is one of them and I admit that I’m very impressed because of high quality of guitar riffs and professionalism. The band has featured members from different Mexican bands in the past, like Lust, The Pit, Genocide, Toxic Hate, Hacavitz, etc. This time, Antimo recruited a very interesting horde that includes people from Raped God, Drowned in Blood, Envenomed and Genocide and really calls your attention. This is nothing less than an extremely aggressive form of thrash metal mixed with rotten mutations of hardcore-punk. All tracks sound insane and full of slayerean guitar riffs, but don’t expect a copy. The band has forged its own style through the years (and three full length albums) Also, vocalist Edson Sánchez prints a high octane work in every track, he actually screams like a possessed. If I don’t mistake, this band has become a reference of excellent Mexican thrash metal, and if you claim you are supporting Aztec scene, you should buy this gem right away. If not, too bad for you motherfucker! – Victor Varas

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