Album Review CENTRATE Tiger Force

Centrate cover art

CENTRATE “Tiger Force”

Self released

Young, technical and extremely fresh thrash metal is what we have here. This band has been active since 2010 and it seems like they have not been very prolific as this is their first EP. I admit that the new wave of thrash metal coming from every corner of the world can put me very asleep, especially when riffs are clearly kidnapped from old bands.

This case is quite different because the band knows how to balance melodic lines with excellent aggressive guitar riffs. Actually they have roots in American thrash metal, but they added speed metal elements in specific moments, and they have good taste to build a solid wall of sound. Also, vocalist Niklas Keul has a very peculiar style based in hardcore vibes and rabid lines that fits perfect to the style and reminds me old big names of the genre. My favorite track is “Corruption” which is a great opus forged in crossover elements, thrash metal and a solid metallic spirit. Guitar arrangements are awesome and you can’t deny that these guys have talent. It’s highly recommended for those who are looking for high quality new bands in the genre. – Victor Varas

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