Album Review OVERTORTURE A Trail of Death


OVERTORTURE “A Trail of Death”

Apostasy Records

What a piece of apocalyptic and destructive death metal I have here!! This Swedish entity features ex Grave guitarist Magnus Martinsson, and of course you can expect pure death metal massacre with the seal of Nordic sounds.

It’s a band that recovers the essence of the genre forged in that side of the world, in 90’s, but they have good taste and added high doses of obscure lines and truly epic guitar riffs. Of course, these guys don’t want to add modern elements to the mixture, or strange stuff to “innovate”, they simply composed a truly solid opus of death metal with ominous structures, low tuned guitar riffs and cavernous vocals. If you ask me, this recalls me a lot Entombed, Grave, Nihilist, etc, but the band managed a big personality and, although for moments it sounds simple or basic, all tracks have high musical skills, which denotes musicians with good taste and terrific death metal knowledge. This is not a childish band, this is not melodic-waltdisneysoundtrack-death metal, and this is authentic dead music full of morbidity, highly recommended for old skulls out there. Victor Varas

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