Album Review PAWNS IN CHESS The Blood of Martyrs Demo

Pawn in Chess cover art

PAWNS IN CHESS “The Blood of Martyrs Demo”

Self released

It’s a hard decision when you realize that your band doesn’t fit any singer. Especially when music started to flow and you have found the right communication with your musicians. Coming from Cleveland, these guys prefer to keep this band as instrumental project although everything sounds really good and tied to most honest side of metal music.

This demo denotes people involved in music business since many years ago, and I admit that all tracks have a peculiar personality based in distinctive forms of metal music. The band has thick roots in heavy metal music, thrash metal and some traces of progressive metal music. If you ask me, there are many aspects to improve before recording a debut album, but the band sounds really good and they transmit different states of mind through musical structures. Also, guitar work is awesome as Jeremy McClellan knows how to balance “epic” lines in great metallic structures. Actually, everything is tied by a solid metallic spirit. This is a really good demo from people who seems to be very happy doing what they are doing. I really hope they find a good vocalist, I believe they have potential to become an excellent band with a front-woman or front-man. Time shall tell.- Victor Varas

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