Album Review SKITZO Dementia Praecox

SKITZO cover art

SKITZO “Dementia Praecox”

Self released

According to Metal Archives, this band was founded in 1981, and they truly have a long career in thrash metal music, including a large list of albums, EP’s, compilations, etc.

On this new CD release, the band included a handful of versions from different seminal bands of those years like Axe Witch, Posthumous, PCP, and big names like KISS and ALICE COOPER that the band sees as big influences. The CD brings you different eras of the band as well as what is composing nowadays, so you can expect a very eclectic shot of songs. It really calls my attention because the band sounds in different styles (punk, heavy metal, thrash metal) but still is in their own style. Also, I admit that rabid metal music from early 80’s is one of my favorites, and this band truly sounds “vintage” with good taste. Seems like Lance Ozanix is truly an old metal warrior and he deserves the attention of underground metal scene. Don’t miss this historic document if you are very into underground scene of early 80’s, in California. Btw. This CD includes a cover version of “Ballad Of Dwight Fry” original from Alice Cooper, excellent!! – Victor Varas

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