Album Review D.HATE L.I.F.E.

D.HATEcover art


Metal Scrap Records

(Full name DISTRICT HATE) For those who are looking for an extremely well done thrash/groove metal in old Europe, this is a great release. Coming from Ukraine these guys formed the band in 2010, and after a debut album they released a very decent second album full of aggression and excellent guitar riffs.

Of course they have roots in old big names in the genre, but they added high doses of modernity in the entire album, so if you hate hardcorish hybrids, you should stay away from here. Anyway, this is a great album forged in painful structures, high octane guitar arrangements and technique. Actually, it denotes that these guys have musical high skills. My only complaint is the “pork” voice included here and there, and for moments it recalls me “porno-grind” genre. Whatever, these guys know what they want and definitely they are on the big road. Definitely they want to step further traditional sounds of the genre, and they do it with good taste and huge knowledge. It’s recommended for young people who are looking for modern stuff in old Europe. – Victor Varas

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