Album Review KRÖWNN Magmafröst

Krownn cover art

KRÖWNN “Magmafröst”

Taxi Driver Records

Slow, heavy and deadly. This Italian trio truly has the heritage of Black Sabbath and created a superlative debut album, highly recommended for those who worship the darkest side of doom metal genre.

I’m pretty sure I reviewed their demo a couple of years ago, as I remember extremely darkened atmospheres and effective guitar riffs forged in heaviness. The band knows how to manage extremely good sections influenced by doom and dark rock music with class. Also, all tracks deliver oppressive and almost hypnotic vibes, composed in painful guitar lines, bizarre drum rhythms and excellent bass wall of sound. Lyrics are based on literature created by authors such as Howard, Moorcock, Tolkien, etc. Did I mention they are two girls and one guy? Yep, it seems like Silvia Selvaggia (Bass), Elena Fiorenzano (Drums) and Michele el Lello (Guitars and vocals) are into the deepest obscure music, and abysmal structures in melodies. This is not mainstream doom music, this is totally emotional and solid doom metal with tons of dark elements and high doses of improvisation. It’s recommended if you are into “vintage” sound in the genre. – Victor Varas

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