Album Review PROFANITY Hatred Hell Within

Profanity cover art

PROFANITY “Hatred Hell Within”

Rising Nemesis Records

This band is awesome. For those who are looking for excellent technical death metal in European underground, this band is been active since 1993, and I bet only few of you know about them.

Coming from Bavaria, Thomas Sartor is an old metal warrior and only composer of the band. It’s really incredible the level of complexity and imaginative of these three songs. You can hear tons of structures, forged in guitar riffs, and bass guitar lines. All is tied by progressive elements and small details if you know what I mean. I admit that I found some moments that made me sick, and dizzy, but the band has good taste in all forms of brutality and rotten stuff. I can’t say that it bored me at all. Also, vocal lines are extremely furious and full of morbidity. If you ask me, I really liked this piece of sinister, brutal and extremely technical death metal and it definitely should be another reference of the genre in Europe, nowadays. It’s highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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