Album Review CONQUEST Taste of Life

Conquest cover art

W. ANGEL’S CONQUEST “Taste of Life”

I admit that I stayed away from power metal genre for many years, as I listened the same formula again and again in almost all European bands. This case is totally different and I’m glad to get back to listen the genre because of high quality and heavy tunes in the album.

Coming from Kyyiv, Ukraine, this band was founded in 1996 and it has released many albums before. The main composer W. Angel (Vasiliy Haschina) is an old metal warrior that has good taste in the genre, although he has been invited in other genres, in bands like Finist, Grimoff and Nokturnal Mortum. Of course you can expect power metal tracks with progressive elements and roots in melodic heavy metal in its purest essence. All tracks are extremely melodic and forged with excellent musical arrangements, with class and the legacy of the most brilliant side of the style. This band recalls me a lot the first albums of Sonata Artica, actually I don’t dare to compare with them, but certainly the vocal lines and progressive structures are quite similar. This album is excellent and I’m sure you will enjoy it, if you are into Symphony X, Sonata Artica, Majestic and those really good bands that released good stuff in early 2000– Victor Varas

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