Album Review ELVENSTORM Soulreaper

ElvenStorm cover art

ELVENSTORM “Soulreaper”

Infernö Records

The more I hear this 4 tracks EP the more I get hooked with vocalist Laura Ferreux. She has developed a quite melodic but powerful style and definitely she has increased a lot her style since last album “Blood Leads to Glory”.

If you ask me, I consider this short EP like a short demonstration for what is coming. Actually, I’m talking about first two songs which are forged in excellent speed metal with class. The band has good taste and defines a solid style in traditional heavy metal and speed metal with Germanic doses here and there. Also, the work of guitarist Michael Hellström is superlative as he knows how to manage multiple harmonies in guitar riffs and totally awesome solos. If you ask me, I’d prefer more original material in this EP, but the band decided to include a cover version of “Tyrants” (Heaven’s Gate) and “Black Magic” (Slayer). Yep, and both are incredible, but I will insist in original stuff. Anyway, this is highly recommended for die-hards followers of the genre, I know still are hungry out there. – Victor Varas

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