Album Review KING HEAVY

King Heavy cover art

KING HEAVY “King Heavy”

Cruz del Sur Music

Aaaargh!! This is another addition to my list of discoveries of the year. It’s nothing but a finest obscured heavy metal band forged with extremely good metal elements and huge knowledge of the doom metal genre.

All tracks bring dense and highly darkened atmospheres, with guitar riffs full of heaviness and solid musical structures. Of course, these guys have roots in ancient entities like Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, etc, and they definitely recovered the essence of darkness in music with class and painful lines. Also, everything is tied with high doses of “epic” tunes and iron spirit in the blood, if you know what I mean. Truly this is an excellent debut album for the new entity. Certainly there still are many bands in Latino America that deserve your attention, if you are tired of the same formula in mainstream scene. This is highly recommended for its great songs and fresh ideas. Proudly forged in Chile, Yes Sir!! – Victor Varas

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