Album Review RIOTOR Rusted Throne

Riotor cover art

RIOTOR “Rusted Throne”

Infernö Records

Now we move in the map to Quebec, Canada, where it has been releasing really good albums lately. Actually, I’m sure I saw many physical flyers of this band in my trades of metal music. It’s my first encounter with them and I’m pretty impressed.

We are talking about a band that features ex members of an old band called Traumatism from 90’s, so they are not newbies in business of extreme metal music. The roots in old thrash metal are thick and clear, but these guys created an excellent album with personality and tons of musical arrangements. Actually, this album sounds raw and almost dirty, but they added high doses of complexity in guitar riffs and it fits excellent with holocaustic structures. For moments they recall me old entities like Hellhammer, old Coroner, Nasty Savage, but I admit that these musicians have good taste and cool ideas. These guys have been active as band since 2007 and now they are a solid reference of the genre in that country. If you are looking for true Canadian metal warriors, don’t miss this gang. – Victor Varas

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