Album Review ZYGNEMA What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete

Zygnema cover art

ZYGNEMA “What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete”

Self released

The more I hear bands from India, the more I get convinced that I have missed an important part of metal music in the world. These guys formed the band in 2006 and they present the second album, not bad at all. It’s nothing less than extremely groove thrash metal with high doses of hardcore elements and guttural vocal lines.

Of course, these guys have roots in old bands of the genre, but they added progressive and modern elements, the result is quite solid as you can hear a very balanced album, with good taste and power. In some specific moments this recalls me Fear Factory, or the new Sepultura, but these guys know exactly what they want, and all tracks are forged in excellent guitar riffs, chaotic atmospheres and rabid vocal lines. Also, I must admit that there are some “modern” elements I really hate, but as aforementioned, everything sounds solid and tied with high musical skills. This is a good album and it denotes a quite strong metal scene in India. It’s highly recommended for those who like solid thrash/groove metal bands from that side of the world. – Victor Varas

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