Album Review BLUNT KNIFE IDOL Greed Heritage

Blunt Knife Idol cover art

BLUNT KNIFE IDOL “Greed Heritage”


It’s not bad at all for a debut album. This is nothing less than a morbid hybrid of death metal and grindcore with high doses of brutality, technical stuff and punk attitude. The band features Arco, from bands like Göll, ex Ordo Draconis, and he really did a great job in this piece of insanity.

Coming from Netherlands, these guys created an excellent album full of old school atmospheres and chaotic miasma. Of course they are quite influenced by bands like Terrorizer, Napalm Death, etc, and they know what they have to omit in order to forge high quality results in these days of modernity. As the genre needs, they included some really short and chaotic tracks, and I liked it because all sounds complex, chaotic but very well balanced with technical stuff. Inclusive they dare to add some open chords of jazz standards in track “Fragments of reality”. As aforementioned, this is not bad at all for a debut album, and denotes people involved in extreme metal music. If you like distinctive grindcore bands and staying away from the standard, this is for you. Cool cover version of “Stairway to heaven” included btw. – Victor Varas

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