Album Review INFECTED PRIEST Hammering Nails to Fragile Bones

Infected Priest cover art

INFECTED PRIEST “Hammering Nails to Fragile Bones”

Self released

Aaaargh!! This is solid, genuine and powerful. It’s nothing less than a quite honest hybrid of death metal and grindcore with high doses of destructive guitar riffs and complexity. Although it’s a debut EP, they released it in tape format and I’m glad to receive a promo copy.

Also, it seems like these guys are not following the mainstream; they just want to make some fucking noise taking the best of both genres. All tracks are really good and balanced, which denotes people with good taste in extreme metal music. Also, the recording sounds clear and direct, which is perfect for complex structures. I really liked this 7 tracks EP because it shows an excellent band with old school vibes and high musical skills. No doubt this is another great addition to my collection of excellent death metal coming from Finland. It’s good to know that there are people out there who still believe in tape format. My respect and support! It’s highly recommended for old skulls who worship high-octane death metal from Nordic region. –Victor Varas

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