Album Review RITO PROFANATORIO Grimorios e invocaciones desde el templo de la perversion

Rito Profanatorio cover art

RITO PROFANATORIO “Grimorios e invocaciones desde el templo de la perversión”

Dunkelheit Produktionen

What a piece of excellent death metal I have here!! This is supposed to be the second opus from the Peruvian band, and it worth every cent. All tracks are forged in the same heretic and sulphuric roots, but these guys composed awesome death metal tunes with massive rotten atmospheres and a stench of old school vibes to the core.

For moments, this recalls me old Mortuary Drape, old Sepultura, etc, as every note is rotten, blasphemous and classy. This black entity features ex members from bands like Feretrum and Belzec, and of course denotes people involved in black metal and death metal underground scene from many years. If you ask me, this putrefaction sounds dirty and raw, but everything is tied like hell, and it seems like they have high musical skills which is pretty good because the recording is direct and with no make-up, if you know what I mean. Also, guitar solos are an authentic piece of warrior metal, highly influenced by old gods and metallic spirit. This is a superlative album from South American underground scene. It’s highly recommended!! – Victor Varas

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