Album Review RUSTY PACEMAKER Ruins

rustypacemaker cover art


Solanum Records

Maybe this is one of the most interesting jewels I’ve found lately in European underground scene. If you are into sophisticated doom/post-metal with high doses of dark elements and emotional tunes, this piece of obscurity will catch your attention.

This guy Rusty Pacemaker composed himself a very unique and distinctive album, forged with authentic high light points of creativity and balanced feelings. According to Bio, the main composer never took any musical education. What is more genuine than this? All tracks navigate between obscured atmospheres, melancholic guitar lines and post-metal songs. Actually, he claims that the main influence is Quorthon and his introspective mood of compositions. This album takes you into a dark voyage of unconsciousness, and makes you float in dark thoughts full of depression and sensitive lines. If you ask me, the album is not easy to digest, but it has really big potential. My only complaint is that vocals have weak moments where are out of tune. Apart of those minimal details, this is a great piece of obscurity, highly recommended. – Victor Varas

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