Album Review AMPUTORY Ode to Gore

Amputory cover art

AMPUTORY “Ode to Gore”

Xtreem Music

This is destructive death metal with a full stench of old school and vertiginous essence. And this will destroy your ears from the first track. Coming from Finland, this band features two ex-members of an old death metal band from early 90’s called Pestigore, so you can figure out that they are not new in business.

All tracks sound so putrid, stinky and furious, but I admit that it calls my attention because all is tied with rare and darkened atmosphere. Also, all tracks are forged in morbidity and rottenness, but sure they know how to add high doses of brutality without sounding a copycat. Of course there are many influences here but this debut album has a huge personality and no doubt it’s a great first step for a brilliant career in death metal genre. It’s another discovery of the year and I absolutely recommend it for lover of morbid old skulls, out there. – Victor Varas

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