Album Review LECTERN Fratricidal Concelebration

Lectern cover art

LECTERN “Fratricidal Concelebration”

Sliptrick Records

This is fast, complex and extremely technical. I know that death metal genre has increased its level of complexity lately, but is normal that many bands do it almost mechanical. In this case, the band knows exactly what they want and also how to sound.

Of course, they based all tracks in complex and effective structures, with high musical skills and rabid velocity. But they have good taste and everything is tied with an old-school miasma and class. Also, vocalist Fabio Bava added some brutal elements in specific moments, and in general this band has high doses of morbidity in all tracks. Of course the band has thick roots in death metal entities from 90’s, but especially in Deicide if you know what I mean. You will find solid guitar riffs, fast atmospheres, and powerful growling vocals on the Top. Hell yeah! These guys have previous experience in extreme music as they’ve been part of bands like Perfidy Biblical and Corpsefucking Art. If you ask me this debut album is not bad at all, considering that the band was founded in 1999 and it seems like is not very prolific. Actually, this is one of those albums that make me turn my eyes over Italy’s death metal underground scene. It’s highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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