Album Review MAJESTIC DOWNFALL …When Dead

Majestic Downfall cover art


Pulverised Records

I revisited last album from 2013 and the split CD release with The Slow Death, before listen this new album. I’m impressed. Somehow this guy Jacobo Cordova, main composer forged a superlative album with distinctive elements, and for moments is like if I’m listening another completely different band!

But in essence all tracks transmit particular feelings and moods that you find in all its discography. It’s like if he broke the concept into parts and then reunited it again with new elements of sorrow and pain. Inclusive I dare to say that he included musical structures that he never used before. Also, I must say that this is a very well balanced album, and Jacobo knows how to combine death metal lines with obscured doom metal into a grey melodic miasma, with class. The references to classic doom metal genre are obvious, but he truly steps forward a new level of post-metal, no doubt with thick roots in the darkest side of extreme music. This is nothing less than one of the albums of the year, and it’s proudly forged in Mexico. As extra info: you should hear Jacobo’s side band Zombiefication. Amazing! – Victor Varas

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