Album Review SHRAPNEL STORM Mother War

Shrapnel Storm cover art


Witches Brew

Of course I remember this Finnish death metal band. Some years ago I reviewed a short demo from them and for some reason they called my attention as they deliver good melodic and technical death metal with solid influences from 90’s sound.

This time they present a debut album and I’m happy to say that they have improved as I hear really good stuff here. Coming from Tampere/Jyväskylä, Finland, these guys compose a very interesting and holocaustic hybrid of melodic death metal with thrash metal elements and rabid vocal lines. All tracks have touches of modernity, but no doubt they have thick roots in Nordic death metal from 90’s. Also, they added high doses of good rhythm sections with hardcorish elements, and this gives a quite solid personality to the band. This is melodic death metal with high octane guitar riffs and poisonous vocals. If you ask me, it’s a band I’d like to see in live show, as it seems like they have high musical skills. If you are looking for modern death metal from Nordic area, this is for you. – Victor Varas

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