Album Review AGAINST EVIL Fatal Assault

Against Evil cover art

AGAINST EVIL “Fatal Assault”

Transcending Obscurity India

The more I hear bands from India, the more I’m speechless. These guys released an excellent debut EP forged in heavy metal spirit and solid roots. Of course, we are talking about experimented musicians with high skills and good taste.

These 6 tracks are quite influenced by the most traditional side of the genre, and they added a distinctive touch of modernity and fresh stuff. Everything is tied by melodic vocal lines, solid guitar riffs and obvious references to American heavy metal from 90’s. I must say that I’m impressed with the production because it seems like these guys know exactly what they want from the beginning and seems like they are not fooling around. All tracks have this heavy metal spirit with melodic lines and matured ideas, although I must say that vocalist has moments where he doesn’t fit with the concept. He uses clean vocals in the mood of southern rock, which really sounds good, but I’m not very convinced in some moments. In the other hand, the song “Wings of Steel” is one of the best tracks in the album, as is rich of class metallic elements, cool guitar arrangements and solid vocal lines. If you are looking for young heavy metal bands, with fresh ideas and touches of modernity, this is a good option. – Victor Varas

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