Album Review VORAGE Demo

Vorage cover art at Zombie ritual zine


Hellthrasher Productions

Holy shit!! It’s another masterpiece coming from UK’s underground scene! I’m very impressed with this piece of chaotic, carnivorous and purulent death metal. This is only a three tracks demo, and basically it was composed by Áhéheste who invited Al-Xul to record bestial vocals.

Actually, everything sounds great and tied to an obscured miasma of guitar riffs and complex structures. What called my attention is that all tracks have superlative charge of negativity and bad blood. Just like if you open the doors of hell’s basement. Also, vocalist did an excellent work and delivers high doses of painful and cathartic lines, in the right moment. This piece of bestiality makes you think of early death metal, when primitiveness and rabid guitar-lines was the base of extreme metal. I hope to see the next release of the band soon, definitely it will worth every cent. It’s highly recommended for those old skulls with dead spirits and rancid taste. – Victor Varas

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