Album Review WOMBBATH Downfall Rising

Wombbath cover art

WOMBBATH “Downfall Rising”

Dark Descent Records

Of course I was very curious about the return of this Swedish horde. They released one of the most classic Swedish death metal albums in early 90’s, and I can’t deny that really called my attention again since they announced a new album this year.

We find eight tracks forged in the most classic and holocaustic side of Swedish style. I’m quite satisfied because everything is tied with a peculiar breath of punk attitude, but the band also knows how to handle excellent guitar riffs and technical lines here and there. Also, the band captures the real essence of Swedish death metal sound, but added a fresh air to the mix. Although this is a contemporary death metal album with new elements and modern technology, it still sounds morbid, deadly and full of old scars if you know what I mean. This is a band that knows what is about the style and they don’t need to demonstrate anything to anybody. They just put an ancient knowledge into putrefaction, old school vibes and destructive guitar riffs. Maybe this is not the definitive death metal album (at least this year) but it definitely conquers every one’s expectative. – Victor Varas

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