Album Review ALFA ERIDANO AKHERNAR Aztec War Metal

Alfa Eridano Akhernar cover art


Concreto Records

Hell yeah!! This is another Mexican entity that now can be considered as “cult” status. Formed in 1999, these guys have released a large list of material, between demos, splits and full length albums.

I liked them since early demos, where they oriented the project to a rabid form of crude death/black metal. Now they have increased a lot the musical level and definitely they released an excellent album. All tracks are based in a superlative hybrid of technical brutal death metal and black metal, with keyboards atmospheres, furious vocal lines, fast guitar riffs and solos, and a big wall of sinister melodies. Also, I must say that the level of drummer Cesar “Enke” is awesome, as he recorded extremely complex sections and highly technical drum fills. Yep, we are talking about a band that recovers its roots in extreme metal music, and also is proud of Aztec heritage and its glorious past, which is on almost every line. This is crude and effective death metal for destroy your fucking head. Awesome! Note: This album was released in 2014, but I bought it recently. – Victor Varas

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