Album Review DEW OF NOTHING Outsider

Dew of Nothing cover art


American Line prods.

I remember this band because they were very active in early 2000. If I don’t mistake they released two productions before they stopped abruptly. This is the return and it really worth every cent. It’s nothing less than a rabid form of melodic death metal with high doses of fury and lethal guitar riffs.

All tracks have a particular atmosphere of darkness, heaviness and morbidity. Also, I must say that they manage old school elements in the right moment, like the inclusion of a wall of keyboards here and there, and everything sounds solid, with excellent musical arrangements and technical. It seems to be a band highly influenced by death metal and doom metal from early 90’s, where the genre was recruiting sophisticated sounds and elements. These guys also dare to include some prehispanic elements in the intro, which denotes people experienced in the theme, and with thick roots in elemental identity. This is not the definitive album of the year, but I admit that it really caught me from the first track. Of course there are some details to fix here and there, but it’s an excellent option if you want to know what’s going on in metal scene in Mexico. Hopefully I will see them in a live show soon. – Victor Varas

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