Album Review ILSA The Felon’s Claw

Ilsa cover art

ILSA “The Felon’s Claw”

A389 Recordings

This summer seems to be the days when are coming many excellent new albums of extreme metal. Now we move in the map to Washington, D.C., the band was founded in 2008 and they’ve been very active since then releasing good material.

This is the fourth album and it worth every cent, as is forged in a quite interesting blend of death metal, doom metal and crust. Actually, all tracks have the same rotten vibes and deliver a peculiar stench of punk – hardcore attitude. Of course, these guys have huge experience in different genres and although guitar riffs may sound primitive, they included excellent musical arrangements into almost every structure. Also, they included slow tempo parts, like in track “Katabasis”, which sounds balanced as well as creepy and deadly. If you ask me, this is one of those releases from underground metal scene that really called my attention lately, because of high octane tracks and honest vibes at every single note. At the same time, this delivers thick roots in distinctive sides of morbid metal. It’s an album to buy if you worship heaviness and filthy stuff. – Victor Varas

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