IN CAUDA VENENUM “In Cauda Venenum”


I’d consider this one as an authentic jewel of modern French post-black metal. This is a debut album and contains only two long tracks, but both of them are forged in a superlative and emotional root of sinister riffs, darkened atmospheres and complex structures.

Main composer Romain Lupino has a really good taste in the black metal genre, and included some parts of progressive stuff, doom metal stuff and even melodic stuff. The result is a quite interesting hybrid of black metal, conceptually speaking very well-conceived and with excellent ideas here and there. Music combines distinctive sections of different states of mind, and everything is tied with classy touches. Of course this guy has influences from many sources, mainly from Nordic area, but no doubt knows exactly what he wants, and produced one of the best albums of atmospheric black metal I ever heard. Mention apart the cover design and presentation. This album comes in limited edition with wooden cover, actually is a handmade gold and black silkscreen on wood. This is a voyage for your ears and your eyes, so, don’t miss it!! – Victor Varas

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