Album Review MOONDARK The Shadowpath

Moondark cover art

MOONDARK “The Shadowpath”

Xtreem Music

This is putrid, morbid and full of heaviness. According to Metal Archives, it’s considered as a demo, but, what a demo!! The band features members of excellent Swedish entities like Interment, October Tide, Uncanny and Regurgitate, so you can imagine what kind is this piece of death.

All tracks have sulphuric essence and they really stink like deadly air. As everyone in the band definitely lived the old school in those early years of the genre, this is nothing less than obscured and rotten death metal full of morbidity and dark atmospheres. Everything is tied with truly old school vibes and painful guitar riffs. I must say that vocalist Johan Jansson really impressed me as he growls like a possessed and delivers totally sinister lines. Also, guitar riffs are quite simple, primitive and effective. You can feel a superlative rottenness from the first track and I’m sure that this is a kick start for a classic of the genre. No matter if you lost the faith in the death metal genre, this is piece of destruction you should hear right now, it’s very highly recommended!! – Victor Varas

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