Album Review SIREN A Kingdom Aflame

Siren cover art

SIREN “A Kingdom Aflame”

Draconum Records

This band from Ohio features members from Winterhymn, and truly forged an interesting debut album with high doses of folk, epic lines and heavy metal. Formed in 2012 it seems like they’ve not been very prolific, but I’m sure they know exactly how they want to sound.

All tracks are based in melodic guitar lines, heavy metal structures and inclusive some elements of doom/stoner. But this band conceived a powerful hybrid with black metal atmospheres in specific moments, with cathartic drumming sections, and quite good epic lines in almost all tracks. I must say that this is not an experiment, all track have great ideas and compositions, so we are talking about people experienced in metal genre. Maybe some of you purists will reject this piece of epic heavy metal, but the album shows high quality and potential for more and even better material in the future. Don’t mistake if the name of the band tells you another genre and another story, this is a really good band coming from American underground. – Victor Varas

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