Tentation cover art


Impious Desecration Records

This is nothing less than an excellent debut EP forged in the true fires of heavy metal. Coming from Torreilles, France, these guys created a quite interesting EP full of melodic guitar lines, and fast structures follow the most traditional side of heavy metal genre.

This sounds like those bands emerging from underground scene in middle of 80s; inclusive the recording captures this vintage vibe in all aspects. Of course the band has strong influences from French heavy metal and speed heavy metal, and it seems like they worship old glories like Killers, Sortilege, H-Bomb, etc. All tracks are melodic and solid, and I admit that these guys found how to transmit the essence of the genre with class. And they definitely know what they are looking for, as this band features people experienced and active members of high quality bands like Höly Ghözt and O.C.D. If you ask me, my only complaint is that vocalist Patrice Rôhée has moments where he sounds off-key. No doubt always you have things to correct after a debut release. Did I mention that he sings in French? If you are looking for traditional heavy / speed metal in French underground scene, this is for you. As extra info, this EP includes a cover version of “Double Bang”, original from H-Bomb. – Victor Varas

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