Album Review BLOODLUST Cultus Diaboli

Bloodlust cover art

BLOODLUST “Cultus Diaboli”

Iron Blood and Death Corp.

Shit!! What can you expect from a duo of active members from bands like Mhorgl, Impiety, Malignant Monster and Shrapnel?

This is nothing less than a rabid form of Blackened thrash metal and it’s full of fast guitar riffs, frenetic sections and a quite remarkable punk vibe that will crush you from the first track. These guys really know what they want and know how to sound, as everything is tied with the same crude elements and recording is direct to your face like a punch. Also, I admit that this sounds destructive and furious, but it has high doses of complexity as they composed a quite eclectic hybrid of thrash metal, punk and fierce black metal. No doubt they are influenced by a big spectre of sources, including Motörhead for example, but we are talking about people huge experienced in metal music business and they created a high quality debut album. Hopefully I’ll see them on a live show one day. – Victor Varas

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