Album Review GOAT TORMENT Sermons to Death

Goat Torment cover art

GOAT TORMENT “Sermons to Death”

Amor Fati Productions

This black metal entity features members from Inferius Torment, Mor Dagor and Striid, so you will figure out what to find.

Coming from Belgium, these guys released an excellent second full length full of destructive guitar riffs, macabre vocal lines and nuclear structures. All tracks have a quite sulphuric miasma based in chaotic atmospheres and satanic worship. Maybe they are not here to add changes to the genre, but everything sounds really good: aggressive, holocaustic and destructive, so if you like the purest form of the genre, this will call your attention since the first track. I must say that the band forged a personality in high octane guitar riffs and epic lines here and there, so I can’t say that they bored me instantly. Although I admit this is not something I haven’t heard before. There you go, if you are looking for classic, aggressive and well-conceived black metal with primitive structures and Nordic influences, this is for you.–Victor Varas

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