Album Review MACABRE REPUGNANCE Death Behind of You


MACABRE REPUGNANCE “Death Behind of You”


Queretarock, yes Sir!! Every time I hear a band coming from this place of Mexico, I open a fucking can of beer.

These guys follow the ancient tradition of extreme metal bands there, and I’m glad to say that they’ve inspired by the most brutal and cannibal side of death metal, but they definitely know what they want and how they want to sound. It’s nothing less than a great demo full of complexity, brutality and heaviness. If you ask me, these three tracks really show a matured band that is influenced by big names of the American old school, and they know how to transmit putrefaction and morbidity in primitive guitar lines. Also, vocalist Martin Morales did an excellent work with extremely deep and putrid growls. Dude, this is real death metal forged in Mexico. Hopefully they will release the debut album soon. It’s highly recommended for those old worshipers of the genre. – Victor Varas

Note: I think this demo has been re-edited by Dark Recollections Records

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