Album Review WARFAITH Wise Man Is Dead

Warfaith cover art

WARFAITH “Wise Man Is Dead”

Self – released

No doubt that France is a place with one of the strongest underground metal scene nowadays. This time we have a quite solid and rabid gang of thrash metal based from Lorraine.

Of course they are very eclectic in influences, as they include speed metal, heavy metal and traces of death metal, but these guys composed a very interesting hybrid, taking distinctive elements from those genres. It’s clear that they have good taste and high musical skills, and I admit that some guitar riffs really sound violent, aggressive and with steroids. Also, some specific structures are extremely fast and complex, almost chaotic btw. This has involuntary sense of technical-thrash metal vibes, but it’s so fucking powerful and furious that complexity gets lost somewhere in voracious atmospheres. This is a good debut album of thrash metal with balls and attitude. If you are looking for senseless “new-old school” in thrash metal, this definitely is not for you. – Victor Varas

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