Album Review WILL ‘O’ WISP Inusto

WILL O WISP cover art

WILL ‘O’ WISP “Inusto”

Nadir Music

Don’t confuse this progressive band from Italy with the gothic band Willow Wisp from Hollywood, California. We are talking about a band formed in 1992, in Ligury, Italy and features people from Antropofagus, Dark Lunacy, among others, so you can imagine that all of them have huge experience in metal music.

All tracks have incisive attention to rhythm sections, and I must say that this is one of those progressive bands that made clear the meaning of technical compositions and superlative creativity. The band uses tons of resources and musical elements into a chaotic large list of sections. Actually everything has extremely good musical arrangements, including keyboards atmospheres, bass solos and twisted lines. Many of you would call this avant-garde technical death metal, I’d would rather call it one of the most original and solid album of complex music I’ve heard. The opus is based in old paintings of Nicholas Roerich, yep, the same Russian dude who inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s horror story At the Mountains of Madness. Want to know more? Buy this jewel, you will not be disappointed. – Victor Varas

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