Album Review COFFINCRAFT In Eerie Slumber

Coffincraft cover art

COFFINCRAFT “In Eerie Slumber”

Memento Mori

Duuude!! This is big piece of putrefaction coming from Finland, and as debut album is not bad at all. Featuring active members from bands like Horizon and Hårda Skit, this cold and deadly entity was formed in 2008, and after two really good EPs releases, this the debut album.

All tracks sound very well tied, and musically speaking is not far from the Nordic sound that everybody knows. This includes tons of sharp guitar riffs, cathartic and vertiginous drums, and extremely rabid gutturals. Of course they perfectly know the style, and seems like they are half purist with the genre, and half they want to add touches of thrash metal on own seal. It’s an album that is forged in holocaustic lines and complex sections, here and there. But I must say that these guys know how to keep high doses of morbidity with slow tempo sections and truly heavy guitar riffs, like the beginning of track “The Claimant”. Also, all instruments denote people high experienced in extreme music, and I found some great musical arrangements. This is a great release for those who worship dark atmospheres in death metal genre. – Victor Varas

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