Album Review DECONSECRATE Nothing Is Sacred

Deconsecrated cover art

DECONSECRATE “Nothing Is Sacred”

Goodlife Recordings

It’s young band from Belgium, formed in 2012, but no doubt they have huge experience in metal music since almost all of them were part of a band called Retaliate in early 2000.

Of course it sounds quite professional and with good musical arrangements, but I must say that this mix of death metal and hard core metal didn’t called my attention very much. I admit they have solid roots in thrash metal and death metal, also added high octane guitar lines in all tracks and everything sounds aggressive and solid. In fact they have good ideas, like in track “Breath of Death” which has tons of tempo changes and good references to 90’s death metal. Also, this band has high musical skills as it sounds quite technical in specific moments. But I don’t know why I found it a bit flat and repetitive. Maybe I have to listen it with a couple of more beers. – Victor Varas

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