Album Review LUCIFER’S CHILD The Wiccan

Lucifers Child cover art


Dark Essence Records

Well, well, if you are familiar with the name George Emmanuel and his Greek band, definitively this review is for you. A new dark entity is forged in black fire and it really worth every cent.

George joined Stathis Ridis from NIGHTFALL and formed an excellent project full of interesting elements. The main thing here is that everything is surrounded by atmospheric dark essence, and tons of painful guitar lines. Black metal genre is supposed to sound grim and dirty, and here is melodic but cloudy like a mass. Also, all tracks share the same provocative atmosphere in sinister structures, which gives a particular personality to the entire opus. Finding heavy metal and post-black metal elements among obscured arrangements, I admit that this offers a large list of almost eclectic references. But no doubt everything is tied under the voracious root of black metal. This is for open minded people who believe in evolution of extreme metal genres, especially the blackest one. If you are purist, just stay away. – Victor Varas

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