Album Review ALL HELL The Red Sect

All Hell cover art

ALL HELL “The Red Sect”

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

It’s another young band playing what they really like: a holocaustic punk hybrid of black metal and rock n’ roll, influenced by Motörhead, thrash metal tunes and rabid attitude. Coming from Asheville, North Carolina, these guys composed a very decent sophomore with high doses of fast Rock n’ roll, obscured guitar riffs and poisonous vocals.

If you ask me, I’m starting to feel a bit bored with this explosion of “black n’ roll” bands, which take the punkish side of the genre and create simple guitar riffs. Ok, these guys keep the obscured essence intact, but maybe they should put more memorable choruses or more epic guitar riffs, just to stay away from the crowd. Anyway, this is a good album (nothing exceptional btw) forged in rabid metal and basic guitar riffs. Of course, they know what they are doing and seem like they are happy with it, so I recommend this album for people who like hybrids, punk attitude and crude recordings. Nothing more to say. – Victor Varas

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