Album Review BONE GNAWER Cannibal Crematorium

Bone Gnawer cover art

BONE GNAWER “Cannibal Crematorium”

Pulverised Records

No doubt this death metal entity has increased since last time I heard about them. Of course Kam Lee is the main aspect; he is a legend in the genre and here truly made an excellent work.

This time the band recruited guys like Dave Ingram, Vincent Crowley and Mark Riddick, so you can imagine what is this about: Pure fucking holocaustic and morbid death metal from the deepest hole of hell. All tracks have high doses of Swedish influence, but they added excellent hard corish guitar riffs. Certainly they don’t want to add modern elements as everything sounds influenced by 90’s style, though I admit that they forged an own sound in simply few years. This reminds me early works of Fear Factory, Grave, Bolt Thrower, but these guys know exactly what they want, and the route is clear. This is one of those bands that recover a lot of old sounds from early days, and musicians have knowledge with no false pretentions. – Victor Varas

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