Album Review DALKHU Descend… into Nothingness

Dalkhu cover art

DALKHU “Descend… into Nothingness”

Iron Bonehead Productions
Godz ov War Productions / Third Eye Temple (CD Version)

Black metal bands from SLOVENIA are quite interesting and I think they’ve already forged an own sound lately. This duo released a second full length album after five years, but according with the Bio, they have been active since 2003 under the name Wrath of Surt.

Of course they show nothing but a great experienced entity influenced by Nordic black metal, but we are talking about two guys with musical skills and good taste in the genre. If you ask me, these musicians added an own seal to epic tunes and created superlative guitar lines under well-conceived structures. I really liked this album because guitarist Jure G. included excellent musical arrangements here and there, and also, all guitar solos are forged in the true metallic spirit. Maybe they are not doing something I haven’t heard before, but I admit that the entire album sounds solid, obscured and gritty. For those who are into sharp guitar lines and cavernous vocals spelling Satanism and Misanthropy, this is for you. – Victor Varas

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