Album Review PRIME EVIL Blood Curse Resurrection

Prime evil cover art

PRIME EVIL “Blood Curse Resurrection”

Infernö Records

Yep, finally this band from New York is releasing the first full length, after 31 years! Of course they released a bunch of demos in the 80’s and early 90’s before they parted ways in 1992. The band reunited in 2010 or something and released a remarkable EP in 2012.

We are talking about a band that really knows how the metal sound was in those years. After all, Andy Eichhorn (vocals) and Mike Usifer (guitars) are cool guys and seems like they are playing what they really love in this band. This is authentic death metal with high doses of thrash metal and extremely complex structures and guitar riffs. If you ask me, for moments music sounds a bit monochromatic but no doubt everything is tied and well-conceived. Also, vocalist Andy did an excellent performance with extremely furious and deep vocal lines. He growls like possessed and I’m sure it’s a beast in live stage. Hopefully, we are going to hear more news from them soon. – Victor Varas

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