Album Review SOURCES OF I Faces

Sources of I cover art



I admit that this is a great name for a black metal band. When I saw it on my inbox it called my attention, and even more when I read that it features multi-instrumentalist Déhà. Coming from Bulgaria, this is a debut EP with three long tracks full of cathartic and sharp black metal.

This contains high doses of depressive atmospheres, but the band really knows how to balance aggressive guitar riffs, primitive drums and excellent vocal lines. These three tracks are long length, but you will not get bored at all as they contain distinctive sections, and everything is tied with obscured miasmas and classy lines. I must say that I’m quite impressed with high quality found here, and honestly I had to hear the promo several times to get it and catch all different states of mind. No doubt this is highly a good reference of what is coming about cold and atmospheric black metal genre in that country, nowadays. – Victor Varas

tanquamaegrisomniainfo (at)

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