Under the Church cover art

UNDER THE CHURCH “Under the Church” EP

Pulverised Records

Aaaaargh!! I remember when I received the demo tape from this Nordic entity, a couple of years ago, and definitely they’ve increased musically speaking. Half Swedish and Half Icelandic, the band is about putrid and ferocious death metal in the vein of old gods like Grave, Entombed, Unleashed, etc.

Of course all tracks are composed based in truly deadly guitar lines and vertiginous drum beats, and from the first track you will notice high doses of old school vibes in every note. Also, vocal lines are obscured and poisonous, and seem to be looking for an own style, although I admit that this band don’t need to demonstrate nothing because they recovered in a superlative way, the rotten essence of the genre. If you ask me, this is death metal rabid and obscured like hell, and is forged in chaotic and stinky structures, but everything denotes good taste in extreme metal music. Even in chaotic music you can find that. It seems like the band has just released a new album called “Rabid Armageddon”, and I’m sure is also quite good. – Victor Varas

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