Album Review ANGEL OF SODOM Divine Retribution

Angel of Sodom cover artwork

ANGEL OF SODOM “Divine Retribution”

iMusician Digital

Aaaargh!! Now we are talking! This is absolutely powerful thrash metal attack with high doses of 80’s sound, and very influenced by old titans like Exodus, Testament, etc. I know most of you will say “oh ok, it’s just another one”, and yes, this is another band making homage to the old roots of the genre, but I must say that they sound good, quite good, tasty and tied; with personality.

And that’s the point: if you are going to make noise, you have to take it to the last consequences, with attitude and personality. These guys are from Helsinki, Finland, and seems like they are totally insane. All tracks have the same old vibes, like if you were listening to an old thrash band in late 80’s. And the most important: this band added an own seal, and an excellent recording and production. It’s a shame that good bands like this one have to take the road of thrash metal genre in these years, when the revival of the genre made us sick and vomit. It’s highly recommended for old skulls, die-hard followers of the genre. – Victor Varas

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