Album Review BLASPMACHINE Salvation

Blasphmachine cover art


Dunkelheit Produktionen

What a good dose of apocalyptic invocations from Malasya. These guys released an excellent opus of chaotic and sulphuric death/black metal. Of course, it seems like they are not new in the business as all tracks have the same miasma, dark and heavy.

These guys know what they are doing, and everything is tied and sounds like an infernal machine. Vocalist Rimie really called my attention because of his deep growls, full of bestiality. I must say that guitar riffs are not that complex, but it transmits tons of sinister atmospheres and bad blood. For those who are into blaspheme darkness and bestial summoning in extreme metal, this is definitely for you. It’s an excellent debut album. As extra info, this album contains a cover version of “Into damnation eternal” original from American masters Black Witchery. – Victor Varas

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